The voice

As the belly muscles do not function automatically and do not support the vocalchords any more, while I am talking, my voice tends to get hoarse and lengthy conversations often make you feel tired. When I are physically tired (e. g. as a result of special activities you have undertaken) my concentration to use my voice by the right mode also strong reduce, often it lacked me at indeed energy which need to speak and make sound of voice. Meanwhile closes my palate the windpipe from the throat to the nose no longer sufficient. 30% of the air disappears through the nose during the speaking. Because of this my speech sounds nasal and often faintly. Through that is speak feels tired. In cooperation with the logopediste is sought to an aid. By emotional events and tensions, I can hold my voice with difficulty under supervision. Unrestrainedly laugh, by pleasant moments. Only also by less amusing experiences its laugh showers dominant and an unpleasant feeling give for as well me as other persons present

Undertaken actions: Logopedie: The logopedist gives to improve exercises round the speech and the other mouth positions. After a number of consultations is the offered trained matter for maintenance independently out to lead. In good thought with the logopediste and a jaw surgeon became there a palatumbumper taken measurements for the soft part of the palate constant in a position to bring so that it less air would be able to escape through the nose. This is unfortunately not succeeded because the palatum hypersensitively is and it each time retch acted.

Conclusion: As muscle groups no longer aimed for become because one degeneratieve motorneuronische disorder concerned, there cannot be expected that it cure place find. Before on longer or shorter term, loss of speech.

Possibilities are: Learn that it slowly now with pauses spoken to become sounds form to give. However is the duration of the understandably speak limits and finished of the one who you address, or these the tolerated is to you to listen. During assemblies a speaking engagement hold is almost impracticable through which I my volunteer work have must end. Furthermore there has been sought in thought with the logopedist together with an audiologisch center, to support or to replace to aids the speech. My first aid for speech is, a speech amplifier of the brand Falck. The light weight speaker can be hung the neck and as yet I have to carry no nuisance of him. The light weight microphone, that exported is with carry behind the ears (equally a glass) and is flexible, can good a long time behave become. My experience is, that I hear can myself good and speak therefore calmer. Also the listener experiences the voice as well understandably. The speed of speak remains as but the duration is longer than without speech amplifier. More syllables words remain to put with difficulty together. After a year of the speech amplifier, I conclude use will make, despite the fact that the sound decreased, can want to communicate me good with this device during my daily in my direct surroundings. Lengthy conversations remain difficult because I on the expensive really lassitude, through which concentrations on the execution of the words and long stories.