The surface of the skin is rough to the touch, as if you are wearing a rough sweater.
The most sensitive spots are:
The inside of the upper legs: right above knee-level up to the crotch.
The inside of the lower arm.
The outside of the upper arm
The belly, even to such a degree that wearing a belt is irritating.

I think that the sensitiveness is caused by activities which need more effort than the daily activities. The muscles get overworked. Spasms occur when the signals sent by the brain don′t reach the right muscles or reach the muscles too late. I have tried to train the muscles several times with the help of a fysio-therapist. As I get tired too quickly and need a long recuperation period this is not an option worth while repeating. This kind of daily exercise is too much of a strain not to mention for improving your physical condition.

By damage of the feeling nerves, one can have burden of insensitivity, tint yards, a 'sleeping' feeling or shocks and vibrations in hands and feet. By PLS, this comes sporadically for. The muscle weakness, the spasticiteit and possible complete paralysis of the movements device, what well prevents by PLS, can then nerve habits cause because the movements nerves have been put on. Possible that this then can lead till surface habits of the skin, that where the aim for of the muscles actual place must find?