I have been suffering from chronic back trouble for quite some time, attended with hernia-like symptoms in the lower back which cause a pain in one of my legs as a side-effect.
Every now and then an intra vertebral disc strains a nerve controlling the leg muscles.
This ache is being dealt with by therapeutic treatment and a lot of relaxation.
A great many medical examinations and research over quite a few years had never resulted in a solution to the pain problem, before I finally resorted to A. Z. M. – Maastricht in November 1998. For another medical check of the above troubles, which had worsened by an additional problem of stumbling and falling.
In April 1999 after some examinations by various neurologists, a diagnosis of Primary Lateral Sclerosis was made that was partly based on my uncommon style of walking and my out of the ordinary reflexes in.

The symptoms mentioned next door have been experienced by myself as a Primary Lateral Sclerosis patient, both by bodily sensations and by visual perception, and noticed by the people I associate with and the doctors and physiotherapists attending on me.
This publication is intended to enable (future) fellow-patients and doctors and surgeons to recognise the symptoms and make a diagnosis at an earlier stage, possibly without availing themselves of techniques to make measurements that are based on electronic and magnetic fields. My medical examinations turned out to be a very painful experience.
Moreover due to high muscular tension and spasticity measuring was hardly possible. Besides I hope that patients that have had to put up with these inconveniences for some more time, will be able to provide me with some further information to cope with them.

Jos Lotz.